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  • How to properly optimize your website

    To understand search engine optimization, we should analyze its three major facets: website search traffic, keywords and content performance. Website search traffic means the quantum of traffic the search engines direct towards a particular website; and which keywords are responsible for such a directional traffic flow. Content performance measures the best performing content items and consequent traffic growth. Conversions are very important and should be the end result of all efforts.

    The aim of a SEO is to excel in natural or organic search. Paid search or inclusions are excluded. The action area is the search engine results page (SERP) on important search engines. Ultimate action, of course, is concentrated on the landing page of the target website. The main advantage of natural search listings is that you do not have to pay for any clicks on the website link unlike paid inclusions where you have to pay for every click. Keep in mind that your content must be relevant to attract repeat visitors and subsequent conversions.

    To properly reap the harvest of web analytics, you should make the following changes to your website to make it better from the search optimization point of view.

    The first point to note is the eighty twenty rule. You should concentrate eighty percent of the keywords on your business branding. The remaining should be targeted towards the personal aspect. Before starting this, however, understand the target audience. The title is the clickable text that appears on the first line of a search engine result. The webpage title should not be more than eight words for maximum effect. When using Meta tags, use the “description” and “keywords” variety. Description means one or two short sentences that illustrate the business service strategy and goal.

    In case of URLs, three points are to be kept in mind. The first is that use a web address as long as possible- this may extend to years. Second is a representative name of the website. For example, if your website sells chocolate, it is preferable to give the website name chocolate.com or sweetchoc.com and likewise similar names. And third, name the web pages in a descriptive manner. Include the ALT attributes on all IMG tags.

    Make the heading important in the SEO strategy. The first line (H1) is the heading. Also, ensure that the website loads quickly. The page performance should be optimized for faster rendering. The sitemap of the website should be submitted to search engines.

    It is imperative that you do research to ensure higher rankings in the search engine. You should search for one or multiple keywords for the website to show up in the first SERP. But do not go overboard with keywords relating to products and services that are not provided by you. For example, if you sell chocolate and the keyword ‘yogurt’ gets a higher result, do not include yogurt in the keyword list. Almost all SEO Sydney companies follow these rules when they optimize a website so that it could achieve a higher ranking. Do not forget to employ only white hat strategies to market your website.

  • 3 pillars of an optimised website

    There are millions of websites out there in the World Wide Web. And the numbers are increasing. For a company trying to sell its products or services, the road to sustained profits is a long, uphill struggle. First and foremost is the visibility issue. If you want to sell something, the customer must see it first. That is where Search Engine Optimisation comes in. An optimised website means a visible website.  Visible in this context, means among the top thirty rankings in a major search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Generally, the term Search Engine Optimisation means the adoption of organic optimisation strategies. Such a strategy invariably involves three core actions: the composition of keyword-rich text, adapting to a definite, pre-determined site architecture, and link development.

    Query based search is central to optimisation. Users are required to type text into a search box to retrieve relevant information. Keyword rich text refers to peppering the text mass with appropriate keywords. The key phrases should be prominent. If this is not done, traffic to the site will be erratic if at all. For non-text based documents, like files that contain graphic images, a text based substitute is required. This is compulsory as search engines crawl and use text to find out whether the web page is relevant or not.

    The layout of a site is very important. Better information architecture leads to a better optimised site. The architecture should be user centered.  Experts frequently stress the need for a SEO friendly web page structure before the page is created. In other words, optimisation should start from the conceptual stage. Alterations down the line is time consuming and expensive. It is to be kept in mind that user preference varies by the type of site like Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and education among others. An architecturally sound site witnesses a higher traffic flow.

    Link development in SEO optimisation is very important in directing relevant visitor traffic to the site. This is particularly true of Flash based sites. Usability of a site and its link development is synonymous.

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